When your body is against you, shredding its uterine lining and making you an all out emotional wreck, there’s nothing better than a movie. It gives you time to escape from the drudges of failed romances, career woes and whatever else is a hot mess. Those 90 minutes give you that hope again at the time you need it the most. So, it’s time to put your Lunapatch on, get your snacks out and have a movie night.

Legally Blonde


Is there anything better than showing people up? Elle transforms into a fashion forward Harvard Law student to win her man back. But does she even need a man? Reese Witherspoon stars in this motivating comedy. Get out your chocolates to throw at the TV.

No Strings Attached


Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman. Need I say more? This movie actually represents that women do get periods and aren’t obsessed with getting married. Some women just want to focus on a career and have a little fun. Natalie, thank you for finally representing us!

First Wives Club


This 90s gold has an all-star cast of ladies that want revenge from their husbands. After the death of a dear friend, 4 women come together to make their ex or soon-to-be ex-husbands lives awful. This movie is about the divine sense of sisterhood, messy break-ups and what women deserve.



Movie nights don’t have to always have to be about girl power or romantic comedies. Sometimes you just need a good laugh mixed with a little bit of slashing. With a special zombie appearance of Bill Murray, this movie will have you thinking where you would have fun in a zombie apocalypse.

Love & Basketball


Growing up together, Quincy and Monica fall in love after living next door together during their childhood. As they get older, things get more complicated, as they do. You have to watch this love story unfold to see how it ends. Who becomes the big basketball star? Who ends up coming back to who? It’s for the love of basketball.

Do you think a movie should be on this list? Tell us what you think the best movie is for when you’re on your period.