Encouraging the Every Day Pursuit of Science

We are halfway through October; Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and while there is still work that needs to be done to further the presence of women in STEM fields, we are choosing this time to shine a light on just how much STEM is present in typical everyday life. 

Familiarity, recognition and interest in science should be fostered in people equally, regardless of gender. But specialized marketing and societal pressures too frequently make these early and enthusiastic attachments to STEM impossible.


This short list explores 4 ways that you can acknowledge and honor the science present in your own life for what it is and start the process of reshaping it into a force of life that can be understood and even comforting. 



Mammograms are our number one tool against Breast Cancer, as early detection can sway a prognosis for the better by nearly 30%. But they are so uncomfortable and unpleasant that even though we are constantly grateful for their existence, sometimes we can’t help but complain about how they were very obviously designed by someone without breasts. 

However, among Time’s Best Inventions of 2019 was a differently designed Mammogram machine, developed by a team of female scientists for GE Healthcare. In addition to softer edges, it boasts a hand held, patient controlled compression system.

It stands as a shining example that personal involvement and understanding has the ability to banish anxiety and avoidance; leading to better compliance and ultimately, personal success with STEM.

2. Get into in TechWellness

The Wellness industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, spread by Social Media and testimonials. Recently, Wellness has grown to accommodate a handful of products and procedures that sit at the intersection of Technology and Health. 

We call it TechWellness and lunapatch is thrilled to be a part of the movement. 

Some other companies we know and love are harnessing Red Light Therapy and bringing it to consumers, at home or in suites designed to customize the experience. 

Red Light Therapy supercharges your Mitochondria; leading to faster recovery/healing on a cellular level and lower inflammation/higher performance on a grander scale. 

We also love seeing at-home or on-the-go IV drips when administered by trained professionals. These drips offer hospital grade recovery and recuperation from non-hospital worthy afflictions like massive overexertion or food poisoning. 


3. Body Literacy and Bio Hacking

Your human body is an amazing thing; a walking talking science experiment.

And like the science experiments we all did in grade school, there are controls and variables. 

Body Literacy is about understanding your controls. There are certain life functions - the menstrual cycle specifically - that happen regardless of what we want. But by approaching these functions with the goal of understanding them we can find more purpose in them and better peace within ourselves.

Lunapatch works best for customers who maintain a certain amount of body literacy. At least enough to know when their cycle is starting and when to intervene with pain management. 

BioHacking is about upgrading your variables. Constantly altering the “Input” we give ourselves to manipulate our bodies into giving us better and better “output”. 

Although diets can fall under the broadest definition of Biohacking, the best hacks exist outside of diet culture. When you give your body more of what it needs it will thrive. When you deprive your body of something to conform you may find trouble in other areas as a result. 


4. Go Green, even just a little

If each human body is a science experiment, then the world around us is the science fair; billions of tiny scientific phenomena happening at once and striving for harmony. 

One of the best things that we can do, both as individuals and as businesses, is to acknowledge the impact our existence has on the world around us and do what we can to mitigate our own effects. 

You can make changes with help from companies and services that specialize in carbon footprint reduction, or you can make DIY efforts to be sure that you aren’t operating regardless of the life around you. 

There’s a great company called Repurpose that, as a service, estimates a company’s plastic usage and then redirects that volume of plastic out of the oceans or out of landfills rendering the original company “plastic neutral”. 

An alternative is dragging your little staff into the wilderness and having them pick up trash under the guise of team building. Turns out, it’s actually quite fun taking care of the planet.