How do I use lunapatch?

1. Peel open pack from tear notch. 2. Remove the contents – one lunapatch and one smaller pouch. 3. Open the smaller pouch and remove the elemental discs. 4. Remove the blue plastic release liner to expose the hydrogel in the center. 5. Place disc, silver side down in the gel black side facing up towards … Continued

Where can lunapatch be applied?

Lunapatch can be applied near your source of menstrual pain, cramps, and/or fatigue. We recommend that you place the patch near the lower stomach area for maximum pain relief. Do Not place on broken or infected skin.

How many lunapatches can I apply?

It is safe to apply as many lunapatches to your body at one time as you would like. It is important to note that the only known side effect is skin irritation.

How long until I feel results?

Relief should be felt within 30 minutes after placing a patch. Please note that there will be variability for the efficacy and onset of relief based on factors including amount of pain, body type, and area of pain for different individuals.

How long can I use a lunapatch?

One lunapatch can be used until the elemental magnesium becomes corroded and is no longer effective. 24-72 hours, typically around 48 hours