Halloween is a magical time to do some festive fall things before the holidays take over fall. As soon as it turns to November, you put down that PSL and go straight for gingerbread cookies. So, before it’s Octover, do some of lunpatch’s favorite fall and halloween activities. With Lunapatch, you can do anything when you’re on your period. 


Pumpkin Patches & Corn Mazes 


There’s nothing more Instagramable than holding a pumpkin amongst hundreds of pumpkins! You’re outside, you get to walk around and you get to finally wear those boots you’ve been wanting to wear. Pumpkin patches are a great way to be outside in the fall. Take a walk around a corn maze and use the caption “maize maze” to really get those likes! Go before the Instagram moment is too late! 


Movie Marathons


Honestly, you can make any movie franchise a Halloween Marathon. Harry Potter has all the magic. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings has all the creatures. There’s always the slasher films like I Know What You Did Last Summer that scares you right into the Halloween mood. So grab the popcorn, some Halloween candy you definitely bought for yourself and enjoy the Halloween feels. 




The temperature is dropping. The leaves are changing. Get out and see what it’s all about! I know you have been wanting to try that trail near you. It’s time to do so! 


Coffee Shops


You may hit and run from Starbucks or your favorite neighborhood coffee shop, but have you stopped to smell the beans? Sit down. Grab a book or listen to a podcast. Take a minute to really appreciate the bold flavors of your coffee while taking time for yourself. It’s a great time to escape the cold and reflect. 




You’ve been watching those Facebook videos while drooling. Go to one of those trendy markets, get the ingredients and make that dish you bookmarked! Fall is a great time to find that comforting food inspiration. Channel your inner Beyonce!