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the science


1 Lunapatch utilizes Human Half-Cell technology by using a patent pending method for the corrode elemental magnesium inside of the patch.

2 The magnesium donates into the patch user 2 electrons for every one atom.

3 These electrons are not like electricity electrons; they are instead a free electron acting as a pure antioxidant.

4 Free radicals are molecules that have an unpaired electron and will steal it from wherever they can, causing havoc in our bodies.

5 Those antioxidants that we are all familiar with, from eating blueberries or vitamin E, etc, are essentially just molecules that can donate an electron to neutralize a free radical.


6 We have essentially figured out a way to eliminate the molecular middleman of all those other antioxidants and just donate into the person massive amounts of pure antioxidants, the Naked Electron, in quantities far exceeding what you would ever be able to eat.


7 The way the Naked Electrons are delivered the get right to where our pain and discomfort is, so it can have direct and fast impact.

8 Along the way we also are delivering the magnesium that is corroding into the body where it can provide lots of relief and nutrition as well.