How do I use lunapatch?

1. Peel open pack from tear notch.

2. Remove the contents – one lunapatch and one smaller pouch.

3. Open the smaller pouch and remove the elemental discs.

4. Remove the blue plastic release liner to expose the hydrogel in the center.

5. Place disc, silver side down in the gel black side facing up towards you, in the center of the hydrogel.

6. Peel away the clear release liner with the print on it from tab out around the patch center.

7. Place the lunapatch on the desired location. Typical optimal location is where menstrual pain is localized, usually near the lower stomach.

8. Move lunapatch over two inches if itching or burning sensation is felt.

9. If patch stops working, peel off, replace the elemental disc, and reapply the patch.