lunapatch is a revolutionary
menstrual symptom
relief patch

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no drugs • no cramps • no scent

Lunapatch uses Half-Cell Technology to deliver Naked Electron Therapy, resulting in almost immediate relief from pain, cramps, and fatigue associated with your menstrual cycle so you can operate at your typical peak performance.

Join the other Luna Ladies who have taken the journey to a more comfortable life.

how to use

1 Put the elemental disc on the lunapatch.


2 Remove plastic liner from lunapatch.


3 Apply lunapatch to your
area of discomfort.


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money back guarantee

Lunapatch comes with a full money back
guarantee. For more information

made in
the USA

Lunapatch was invented, designed and
manufactured in the USA.

our story

We did not set out to find a menstrual relief patch or treatment. Instead our parent company Human Half-Cell Inc. was researching a core technology they had created for the purposes of life extension. One day, during a bout of heavy menstrual cramping, the founder’s girlfriend grabbed a prototype and placed it on her abdomen hoping to find relief. She did this based on seeing how effective the technology was for athletes in relieving tendinitis and muscular other pain. The results exceeded her hopes! She found the technology immediately almost entirely relieved her cramps. Later we also realized that using the patch worked even better for relieving fatigue. We researched why this was and published our findings in our white paper – read it here.


lunapatch is a revolutionary
menstrual symptom
relief patch

shop now free shipping