Does lunapatch cause allergic reactions?

Lunapatch does not cause allergic reactions. All components of the patch are medical grade and skin contact friendly.

How does it work?

It’s simple. Lunapatch contains magnesium which corrodes and gives off solvated electrons which neutralize free radicals. By doing so, this targets the source of pain and reduces pain in a localized area.

Is lunapatch all natural?

The active ingredients in lunapatch are all natural and drug-free.

What are the ingredients in lunapatch?

Our ingredients are all natural and safe.

Ingredients: Water, Glycerin, Elemental Magnesium, Sodium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Silver

What is lunapatch?

Lunapatch is a transdermal patch that oxidizes magnesium to eliminate free radicals associated with pain. In short, your localized pain for menstrual symptoms will decrease due to the total amount of free radicals being decreased.  You will also get relief from fatigue.

Is lunapatch safe for all ages?

Lunapatch has only been tested for its efficacy on adults, so its use is not recommended for use on children, infants and pregnant women.

Are there any known side effects for lunapatch?

Since lunapatch is a drug-free therapeutic patch there are no side effects except skin irritation, which may occur due to misapplication of patch or patch usage for an extended period of time.

Is lunapatch safe?

Yes. Our technology for Lunapatch has been in continuous use for over a year and no health problems have emerged. In fact, there has been a long period of unprecedented improved symptom relief for consumers who have used the patch thus far.

How long can I use a lunapatch?

One lunapatch can be used until the elemental magnesium becomes corroded and is no longer effective.

When the patch stops working, you can peel the patch off, replace the elemental disc and reapply the patch.

How long until I feel results?

Relief should be felt within five to ten minutes after placing on a patch. Please note that there will be variability for the efficacy and onset of relief based on factors including amount of pain, body type, and area of pain for different individuals.

How many lunapatches can I apply?

It is safe to apply as many lunapatches to your body at one time as you would like.

It is important to note that the only side effect is minor skin irritation if patch is not re-positioned every four hours.

Which symptoms is lunapatch most effective for?

Lunapatch is highly effective for reducing common menstrual related symptoms pain, cramps, and fatigue.

Where can lunapatch be applied?

Lunapatch can be applied near your source of menstrual pain, cramps, and/or fatigue.

We recommend that you place the patch near the lower stomach area for maximum pain relief.

How do I use lunapatch?

1. Peel open blister pack from bottom lip.

2. Remove the contents – one lunapatch and one smaller pouch.

3. Open the smaller pouch and remove the two elemental discs.

4. Remove the blue plastic release liner to expose the hydrogel in the center.

5. Place one disc, black side down in the center of the hydrogel.

6. Peel away the clear release liner with the print on it from tab out around the patch center.

7. Place the lunapatch on the desired location. Typical optimal location is where menstrual pain is localized, usually near the lower stomach.

8. Move lunapatch over two inches if itching or burning sensation is felt.

9. If patch stops working, peel off, replace the elemental disc, and reapply the patch.